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Applied Scientist at Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Researcher in Cryptography

I completed a PhD in Cyber Security under the supervision of Prof. Kenny Paterson (of ETH Zurich) in July 2020. My focus is primarily in cryptographic applications of computational number theory, for example within key exchange protocols and key validation in public-key cryptography. I am particularly interested in prime numbers, primality testing and prime generation and the roles these fundamental parts of number theory play in cryptography.

I joined Amazon in 2020 and was previously at the Centre of Doctoral Training of the University of London (Royal Holloway) in September 2015 after graduating from the University of Exeter with a first-class Master’s degree in Mathematics (MMath). My thesis is titled "An Analysis of Primality Testing and Its Use in Cryptographic Applications" and provides a holistic analysis of primality testing across a broad range of cryptographic libraries and mathematical software.

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